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Owner of Good Vibz Yoga

Chantia Thompson

I first found out about yoga when I was in middle school. I had a friend with hippie
parents who used to show us poses and dance with us. After that, I would see videos or
tv shows with women and men doing yoga and started to practice a bit on my own. It
came naturally to me as a beginner because I was in tune with my body via dance
lessons (jazz, tap, and ballet) and yoga helped improve my flexibility. It was just a form
of physical exercise for me. I didn’t know there was so much more to it, so I focused on
standing on my head and putting my body in cool shapes like all the yogis I saw. After years of the stop and go game with my practice and events in 2019 that lead me back to the mat for good. I took my 200 hr yoga teacher training, trained in ganja yoga, kids yoga and mindfulness workshops. As a student always of the practice I hope to guide and assist many individuals on their journeys on and off the mat.



Baobi Noel

I practice yoga because it gives me the tools I need to recover after having spine surgery due to Cauda Equina Syndrome. It helps me breath through tension and ease my physical pain, which gives me the purpose to teach yoga to others. I teach yoga to help others find relief from their physical and emotional pain. I want to help others on their wellness journey by giving them the tools they need through their yoga practice. I am trained in Power Yoga, Ganja Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Yoga for Neurological Disorders. All of my classes focus on the spine and spinal health. My Power and Power Chair classes are high energy and focus on the breath, which help my students feel stronger and energized. My Ganja, Restorative, and Chair classes are calming and focus on deeper stretches, which help my students feel more relaxed and Intune with their body. All are welcome to my class and I highly encourage the use of props. Find out more

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