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To support and guide people in becoming the highest version of themselves through lifestyle, movement, and daily rituals that nourish the mind, body, and spirit.  

To empower people in building strength and resilience to achieve their goals.


To provide the information and tools that will empower people to face their struggles and make the internal and external changes necessary to evolve into the highest version of themselves.

To support womxn, particularly womxn of color, to step into their power, use their voices, and claim their birth rights including wellness, rest, safety, and abundance of all forms. 


I want to see a world where anyone and everyone is free to engage in practices that bring out the best in them.  Where children and youth are nurtured and empowered to take good care of their physical, mental, and emotional health.  Where young and old make the effort to  listen and understand the perspectives and life experiences of others. Where division and the “us vs. them” mentality is disintegrated, so we can make the choices and changes that will liberate all of us.  Where EVERYONE is welcome as long as they’re willing to learn and unlearn what’s necessary to create safe, healing spaces for their own wellness and the wellbeing of others.  Where people prioritize the daily habits and rituals that nourish their minds, bodies, and spirits, so that they’re able to show up as the best version of themselves for the benefit of their families, communities, and the greater world around them.  


  • Self care

  • Community care

  • Healthy lifestyle choices

  • Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness

  • Empowering youth to break generational curses

  • Consistent movement/yoga practices

  • Feminine empowerment

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Future Goals

Reaching a wide range of individuals from all walks of life who are interested in improving their health and wellbeing.  Offering a variety of services and a diverse group of instructors to meet the needs of all clients.  Building an intentional community and increasing accessibility to wellness services and practices. Continuing to provide in-person and virtual offerings to reach people across the U.S. and beyond.

Meet The Yogis


Owner of Good Vibz Yoga and Wellbeing

Chantia Thompson

I first found out about yoga when I was in middle school. I had a friend with hippie

parents who used to show us yoga poses and dance around with us. After that, I would see videos or tv shows with women and men doing yoga and started to practice a bit on my own. It came naturally to me as a beginner because I was in tune with my body via dance

lessons (jazz, tap, and ballet) and yoga helped improve my flexibility. It was just a form

of physical exercise for me.


I didn’t know there was so much more to it, so I focused on standing on my head and putting my body in cool shapes like all the yogis I saw. After years of the stop-and-go game with my practice, a series of difficult life events happened in 2019 that lead me back to the mat for good. I completed my 200-hr yoga teacher training, along with additional trainings in Yoga for Mental Health, kids yoga and mindfulness, chair yoga, yoga fit, meditation, and trauma informed. 

My lifestyle, perspectives, and relationships improved greatly. As a forever student of the practice, I hope to guide and assist many individuals on their journeys to liberation or Samadhi (sanskrit), on and off the mat.


Jasmine Bettis

Jasmine Bettis is a dedicated professional with a Bachelor of  Science in Dental Hygiene. Her journey began with early  mentorship at Tomorrow Leading Ladies Group, where she  honed her leadership skills. Throughout high school, she  served as the Chaplain of her AKA Teen Group. Overcoming  personal challenges, including the loss of her father, she  sought support through anger management and peer groups  like Common Ground and Sand Castles. Drawing strength from these experiences, Jasmine is passionate about empowering young girls in her community, aiming to inspire positive change and make a difference.

Marissa Robinson



 I am Marissa Robinson but my students call me Miss Riss! I am all things but my purpose in this lifetime is to protect, inspire, & educate children. I fulfill this in many ways; as a student of Mother Earth, a reading & literacy tutor, a social-emotional learning instructor with horses, a conscious role model, and a future youth clinical mental health counselor & equine facilitated psychotherapist. I have also worn the hats of a behavioral technician at an early intervention autism center, a horseback riding instructor, a camp counselor, a nanny, a big cousin & sister, a church youth leader, & so much more.  


Recently, I have been called to collaborate with like-minded others to help bridge the education gap, specifically, with literacy. In Detroit alone, 40% of students graduate with less than a 4th-grade reading level and in the United States, it is necessary to have at least a 4th-grade reading level to fill out a job application! This is an alarming statistic but with a consciously active community, pure intention, equity in access to resources, and appropriate role modeling we can work together to ensure our children are set up to thrive and succeed in their communities and the world! 


May your crown be protected, your mind clear, your eyes be open, your tongue speak intentionally, your heart be pure, your gut healthy, and your seat rooted in the Earth’s infinite wisdom. Asè 


Gratitude for our connection,

Miss Riss


Christina Gaut

My first teacher was Juilliard Creative Nathan Hirshaut. I was recommended by my tarot reader who said I should be “confronted about the limitations” I set for myself. And as the Gods intended, I learned more in 3 classes than I did in 9 years of acting on and off the stage. The precise movements and breathing, the chants and the history introduced values I still hold to this day. Faith and Discernment. A group of body enthusiasts, showed me how to take inventory of the human experience in order to wield my energy and anatomy intentionally. And I intend to do the same in any space I hold. 

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