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الثلاثاء، ٠٨ تشرين الثاني



Free Wellness November

Beginner friendly yoga sessions. Great start for anyone looking to start their wellness journey.

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Free Wellness November
Free Wellness November

الوقت والموقع

٠٨ تشرين الثاني ٢٠٢٢، ٩:٠٠ ص – ٩:٤٥ ص



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New to yoga, breathwork and meditation? Want to learn more?! Join us this November for Free Wellness sessions for adults. Weekly on Tuesdays and Sundays sessions are held at 9am. Sundays have an added evening session at 7pm. 

With the seasons changing and we will be spending more times indoors. I wanted to have these sessions to assit anyone who may(or not) struggle with the winter blues (seasonal depression). Practicing yoga and mindfulness during the colder months will help assist with anxiety, depression, pain, and boredom. More information on S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

All sessions will be via zoom for 45min. Great time to jump on a call for any questions you will have to be answered then. Please be ready for classes with the following items. Yoga mat or town to practice on, water bottle, any props (blocks, pillow, bloster, etc) that will assit you during the sessions. If you are not comfortable with your camera being on these sessions are not for you. Cameras will need to be turned on to ensure all participants are getting the best help I can give via zoom. It will also weed out anyone who is not taking the class for practice but to watch and not in a good way. So this makes us all comfortable if you could please leave your camera on at least at the start of the sessions so I can see who is joining in.

Days and times are subject to change. Schedule can conclude at anytime before the end of November at the discretion of the insturctors. 


  • Free

    Free yoga sessions

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  • Donation based ticket

    All donations will go to support the continued programs in Good Vibz Yoga. This help keep our sessions free for the community and buy supplies for our Mindfulness Kids program.

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